iHome iP1C Studio Series Speaker System for 30-Pin iPhone/iPod

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Bring studio-quality sound home with iHome’s new iP1 Studio Series audio system. Boasting cutting-edge digital audio reproduction and industrial design, the iP1’s highly efficient 4-channel amplifier is complemented by the patented Bongiovi Acoustics Digital Power Station technology. It delivers audio the way the artist intended it to sound, through its 4-inch honeycomb woofers and 1-inch silk dome tweeters. Enjoy restored harmonics, increased clarity, and deep bass. The iP1 also supports component/composite video-out so you can watch iPod/iPhone movies on your TV.

Cutting-edge digital audio reproduction and industrial design. Click to enlarge.

Component/Composite video-out for watching iPod/iPhone movies on your TV.

1-inch silk dome tweeters provide shimmering, crystal clear highs.

4-inch glass-fiber woofers create unmatched mid-range clarity and rich, warm bass.

Studio-quality sound for your home.

Push the Button, Hear the Difference–DPS by Bongiovi Acoustics
Inside the iHome Studio Series is a complex chip-based algorithm that is custom-tuned to maximize its performance. Developed by Bongiovi Acoustics. Engineers with over 40 years of experience in the music recording industry, the Digital Power Station represents the first active digital signal processor to reside on a consumer electronics product.

With the “B” button activated, the Digital Power Station, or DPS, constantly scans the program material and provides accurate boosts to compensate for any deficiencies across the frequency curve. The result is a restoration of once-missing harmonics, brightness, clarity, and presence. It also delivers a deeper, more resonant bass and miraculously extends audio bandwidth, adding peak output to the signal.

Pure Performance
The Studio Series iP1 features 100 watts of power to fill your room with stunning sound. A Class-D digital amplifier delivers stereo sound through two 4-inch woofers with custom glass-fiber diaphragms and two 1-inch silk-dome tweeters. An advanced chassis construction further adds to the robust, high-power acoustic performance, and a digital active crossover means you get the most out of each speaker.

iPod Adept
The iP1’s universal dock with adjustable back support fits any docking iPod model, so you can enjoy your tunes while your iPod charges. An IR remote control is included and features full iPod menu navigation.

The iP1 will also make your iPod/iPhone video content come alive on any TV, with both component and composite video outputs. Enjoy your favorite clips on the big screen.

Plug and Play
Use the 3.5-mm stereo auxiliary input to listen back to any portable device with a headphone output.

The iHome Studio Series
Bring studio-quality sound home with iHome’s new Studio Series audio systems. iHome’s Studio Series products represent the cutting edge in digital audio reproduction and industrial design that is complemented by the patented Bongiovi Acoustics Digital Power Station technology. Studio Series speakers supply audio the way that the artist originally intended it to sound.

What’s in the Box
iHome iP1 Speaker System for iPhone/iPod, remote control, AC adapter, and detachable speaker grilles.

  • Supports most 30-Pin iPhone/iPod models
  • 100-watt Class-D biamplified architecture through twin 4-inch woofers and matched 1-inch dome tweeters
  • Component/Composite video outputs allow you to watch your iPod/iPhone movies on your TV
  • Full-function remote controls unit and iPhone/iPod menu functions
  • Auxiliary input for connecting external audio sources

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